Last Saturday 19 Scouts gathered for our quarterly NOVA event, Down and Dirty. Down and Dirty NOVA focused on geology, rocks, minerals, and volcanoes.

The afternoon began with creating a model of a volcano. The Scouts spray-foamed their mountain into an aluminum pie pan that had a water bottle in the center. After the spray foam dried they came back to paint it, then finally after the paint dried they erupted their volcanoes!

Building the model volcano was one of the 5 requirements that they completed throughout the day. One Lion and several Tigers joined in on the fun, working with their fellow Pack members.

The Scouts enjoyed a well-balanced snack and dinner. There were 4 kinds of fruits and delicious beef, bean, mac, and cheese for dinner. Oftentimes we get so busy day to day that we often forget to eat healthily. Setting the right example, our home-cooked meal was a hit!

After dinner, all the Scouts and volunteers were recognized for their efforts. There were 4 returning Scouts who received their 2 or 3 “Pi” pins for NOVA.

Thank you The Craddock Center for letting us use their facility. Thank you to Pack 101, who brought supplies for and lead the making of the volcano models. And, Thank you to Pack 440 for hosting the NOVA event.

Our next NOVA event will be scheduled for Jan. 21, 2023. We will announce the details soon!

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