22 Shooting Sports

22 Shooting Sports

All participants should come prepared by having read the appropriate merit badge pamphlets and bring with them all necessary material outlined in the requirements. Scouts who already possess shooting skills will be given an opportunity to complete the shooting portion of the Rifle, or Shotgun Merit Badge requirements. Shooting opportunities will be available using NRA Certified Instructors to score targets and assist Scouts to learn techniques that will improve their performance. If a Scout comes prepared with the knowledge necessary to discuss the requirements to the satisfaction of the counselor and shoots a required score, he or she can complete all requirements on that day for either the Rifle Shooting or Shotgun Shooting merit badge.

Event Information

  Camp Rainey Mountain 1494 Rainey Mountain Road, Clayton, GA 30525
}  October 08, 2022
  Saturday, 12:00 am to 11:55 pm
  (706) 693-2446 x106
n  Troop

Event Organizer

   Heather Sisk

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