written by Austin Troop 32

On the first weekend of May, the NEGA council held the spring camporee, and Troop 101 hosted it at their scout hut in Blairsville. The camporee was held May 3rd, 4th, and 5th.

The camporee’s theme was Star Wars, because the official Star Wars day is on the fourth of May. The scouts participated in events such as Orienteering, bike race, backpack relay, chariot building, use the force, capture the flag, chariot race, and tug of war.

These events were filled with action-packed fun even though the weather was undesirable at certain points during the camping trip. Some of the scout’s favorite events were the chariot race, capture the flag, and tug of war. The chariot building/racing event was the longest, and each troop built at least one chariot out of bamboo.

Once they were built, each troop chose two of their fastest and strongest scouts to haul one of their troops’ smaller scouts, and that event was timed. The tug of war and capture the flag events were for fun and they didn’t count towards earning Roxanne, the district totem.

Roxanne is brought to every camporee and is passed to whichever troop wins the games. At the end of the camporee on Saturday night, Troop 101 led the campfire ceremony and each troop had a skit. Awards were passed out for each event, and Troop 32 was awarded Roxanne.

Troop 32 won three awards, followed by both Troop 125 and Troop 101 each winning one award. Overall, the scouts and scouters truly enjoyed the spring camporee of 2024.

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