Amazing weather last weekend for the camporee, even though we left early because of a threatening thunderstorm. The camporee staff from Troop 125 and 440 did an amazing job.

Try not to die night!

Pairs of Scouts from 3 Troops did in fact survive Friday night in their self constructed shelters. Some slept comfortably while other simply survived.

Tomahawk Throw

Led by Scoutmaster Will, Scouts battled it out for 1st place. Two troops went several rounds back and forth before one troop stuck all 3 tomahawks in the target for the high score.

Hubcap Toss

The most unusual twist on Ultimate frisbee had Scouts developing their own techniques and encouraging other to keep the hub cap out of the creek.


A seeming easy and short bicycle course proved to be more difficult than it looked. Changing gears and sudden starts/stops proved to be the winning factors in this downhill uphill bicycle race.


There was a large participation in the fishing event. Although, there were a lot of fish caught the largest was only 1.1 pounds. Fishing was managed by Mr. Mooney who weighed and measured over 2 dozed fish.


Try Not To Die Night – Troop 32, Golden Teepee

Hubcap Toss – Troop 32, Golden Hubcap

Fishing – Troop 440, Golden Rod

Bicycling – Troop 125, Golden Peddle

Tomahawk Throw – Trop 125, Golden Tomahawk

Best Troop – Troop 32, Golden Antler

Spirit Award – Troop 32, Totem Pole aka “Roxane”

Ranger Award – John, Golden Glove

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