On March 26 and 27, seven younger scouts (largely 12-year-olds) took the first step toward a Philmont Trek in 2024 with a backpacking trip on the AT (Appalachian Trail). For those familiar with the AT it was a hike up to COWROCK to spend the night. 

They did backpack dinners and breakfasts and enjoyed the outstanding views around Cowrock on a very cold but beautiful day. We were able to do two Board of Reviews for tenderfoot that afternoon.

Troop 101 is sending a crew to Philmont with seasoned Scoutmaster Chris Payne this summer and these scouts followed the example of the older troop members with their first backpacking trip.  The younger scouts have their minds also set on Philmont and fortunately, we had four assistant scoutmasters participate and all are talking about Philmont.

The same weekend the 2022 Philmont crew did their first of several prep trips. While the troop was not all in one place they were out in the beautiful north Georgia mountains doing SCOUTING!! 

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