Pack 440 held their first Pinewood Derby race on March 26th at The Craddock Center in Cherry Log, GA.

The Pack had seven competitors and three outlaws. Car number 42 finished first in speed and won best of show.  Number 42 was followed by card number 2014 finished second in speed and car number 123 finishing in third place for speed.  Car numbers 2014 and 123 were siblings and finished neck and neck for a very close second and third place.  

The pack was very excited to run their first race. Congratulations to all Scouts who participated and their parents who helped them. 

A big thanks to our charter Organization The Craddock Center because we had to change our dates several times.  

Special thank you to Pack 402 for letting us borrow their pinewood derby track. That’s what’s Scouting Spirit is about.  

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