Nick Wimberley (01:01)

It’s the mountain district spring Camporee. We have four counties here, Gilmer, Fannin, union, and town, at least one troop from every County. This called, Scottish Highland games and the boys from troop 32, our host for this. We were here three years ago.

We are back in the horseshoe bend park, just outside my McCaysville, GA. It’s a nice day, bright sunshiny, warm day, and we’re enjoying it. We have five different troops doing their activities.

We’re doing things like hatchet throwing, archery, stone throw, and caber toss. All of those are Scottish Highland games, the boys are all competing. We’ve made the adjustment or the different size of boys/Scouts for the different items.

Everybody seems to be having a good time. We had a great campfire last night, a lot of fun. This morning, we’ve had a tug of war, which was a little unusual because we had two Scouts from all of these Troops to start picking and choosing sides for the tug of war. So we mixed all the Troops together.

They had a small boy on one side, actually won the tug of war over the bigger boys. And after that they had a foot race. We’re using the adult leaders from Troop 32.

We’re getting a good turnout from all those guys. A good event, 32 we’ll be hosting in three years. We’ll be back up again. It’s a rotating process so that our Troop hosts, every third year. This afternoon, before we started the competition, we had Dorothy Bugs, her husband, bring their bagpipes.

And they marched the Scouts on the field, behind the bagpipes. That was tremendous. It really lined itself up at the Highland games and in the morning for the help of church service. Dorothy has agreed to come back and do an Amazing Grace on her bagpipes. It’s just going to be a very good closure for the camporee.

Jack: (05:53)

I’m Jack. And one of our Scouts was swatting, a mosquito and flew the button off of their uniform. So I’m fixing it for them.

David Grubb (06:06)

…using the EDGE method to teach how to tie the clove hitch knot with Ryker.

…need a little more room. I’m going to flip it over my wrist again, and I can take it over the stake and I pull it through. Now. I never let go of the end of the rope. Right. And boom, there you go. Now you try, I’ll walk you through it.

Okay. Step one, are you right-handed or left-handed?

I’m right-handed (Ryker)

okay, so you’re gonna hold it by the end... you’re gonna fold it over your wrist this way. There you go. Perfect.

And then you pull that through. You gotta get enough Slack. Now, fold it over your wrist. The key is to fold it over your wrist. Okay. I’ll help you out. And you pull that through again. Yes. See there’s your clove hitch. Now you gotta try to do it on your own. I’m not going to say a word flip, flip, and pull.

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