James and Lukas planned and hiked 5 miles up and back on the Benton Mackaye Trail.

James, Austin, and other Scouts participated in the Aviation Day in Blairsville.


James and Will flew with their cousin and Eagle Scout, Christain. Christain is an aviation mechanic.

First Aid

Mr. Cheslock held a first aid merit badge class for Troop 404 and 440.

Tommy and Lukas practicing their arm slings.

Camping and Fishing

James planned a full breakfast for our camping trip.

James also honed his skills as a fisherman, catching some largemouth bass. He also cleaned and cooked his fish… delicious. 🙂

Service Hours: Clean Up

James lead the family in a clean-up at the park by the river. We spent 5 hour collecting trash then another hour sorting and recycling as much as we could.


We had a full moon while sleeping in our hammocks.

After Summer Camp James and Lukas camped at Lake Lanier for more merit badge classes at Scoutland.

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