We will have regular den meetings Sunday Nov. 13th Scout Hut 2:30pm.
  1. Opening Ceremony and Veterans Recognition
  2. Youth Protection
  3. Duty To God
Veterans Recognition 
All Scouts are encouraged to write a letter to a Veteran to thank them and give appreciation for their military service who have fought for our freedom. Scouts, especially Wolves, may also bring a small “care package”, a gift of their appreciation such as an apple, candy bar, or notepad. This will be done at the opening ceremony.
Youth Protection
All parents who have not completed youth protection should go to the main hall after the opening ceremony during the Den Meeting time to attend training. This training is sometimes required at lock-ins and summer camp. We will watch a 20 minute video and answer questions. Bring a notebook to write down your answers and turn in. Alternatively, you may complete this online before Sunday and bring David Grubb a copy. Go here https://my.scouting.org/ and create an account.
Duty To God
In Nov. and Dec. we are approaching the half way point for the year. Your Scout should be getting close to completing all the requirements for his rank e.g. Wolf. During the next month please make sure you plan and complete the required Duty To God Belt loop/pin. Wolves will be doing theirs this Sunday. Alternatively, you may complete this at home and email your Den Leader, Barbara Jonason and CC this email address. pack404cubscouts@gmail.com

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