We will be having a Pinewood Derby Workshop, Sunday Feb. 28th 2016.
Your participation is needed!

Safety – all Scouts should bring their own glasses/goggles and gloves.
Each Scout must have a ziplock bag with his name on the bag and all his parts inside: block, axles, wheels, and weights.
We need all parents to help with a their assigned station.  Everyone should bring equipment for a station.
1. Advisor/Station Person – All Scouts should be advised before going to the next station. This is to prevent a bottle neck at one station.  ( David Grubb)
2. Design – long end goes first, draw the shape upside down on the side of the car. We will drill new holes for the axles.  Draw circles on the back end of the car where the weights will be inserted. (Tiger Leaders and Parents need to have pencils for drawing)
3. Axles – drill holes the same distance apart as the slots and file down burs on the nails. (Wolf Leaders and Parents need to have drills)
4. Cutting – cut out the shape of the car (Daniel Petkus)
5. Drilling – drill holes into the back of the car for the weights. (Jason Burnett)
6. Sanding – sand down the car to remove rough areas (Webelos’ Leaders and Adults need to have sanding paper)
7. Scales – weigh the car and all it’s parts (Bear Adults need to have digital scales)
8. Painting – choose a color and spray it on the car (need a volunteer and paint)

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