When and Where

Scout Hut Saturday August 22 in Downtown Ellijay


8:30 am – We will meet at the Scout Hut on Sat. morning. We will do our safety review at 9am then start riding for 30 minutes (required for belt loop/pin).

10 am – Then we will go to the bike shop at 10am for the repair class. Our Webelos 2’s need to have “Hands-On” time to: (perhaps after the class)

 – change a tube

 – put up a tire and check the air pressure

 – adjust a set seat, handle bar or break mechanism

11 am – We will stop by the Martyn House for a cream soda then head back to the Scout Hut for the actual, Bike Rodeo about 11am.

What to Bring

  • Helmet (bring extra if you have it)
  • Bicycle (if you have an extra bike that works or not, please bring it)
  • Activity Clothes (no uniform)
  • Water Bottle with Water in it

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