If your Scout would like to participate in the God and Me Study. We will begin Oct. 5. and Oct. 7. We will divide the younger boys and older boys. One group for Tuesday and one group on Thursday. Email your Den Leader as soon as possible. Den Leaders information is located on the appropriate Page listed on the left of this web page.

This is a six week course 1 hour a week 4pm to 5pm.  Tuesday for Tigers, Thursday for Wolves, Bears and Webelos. Notify Connie Smith: cws_65 @ hotmail.com (remove the spaces on the email address!)

A ribbon is only earned once, but up to four devices can be added to the ribbon. Basically, one per each level of Scouting. A Cub Scout (Tiger, Wolf or Bear) who earns the award cannot earn another until he becomes a Webelos and so on down the line.


When an award is given to a Scout or Scouter that also has a related square knot, the knot may be worn by itself on the uniform or with one of the devices depicted above to indicate the program phase where the award was earned. For example, a Unit Commissioner that earns the Commissioner Key (same knot as the Scouter Key) would wear the Commissioner device. If a Scout or Scouter earns a subsequent award represented by the same knot, the Scout or Scouter should wear a device for each program phase where the knot was earned (you do not wear multiple issues of the same knot). In particular, a Scout that earns a sequence of religious emblems would wear ONE universal religious emblem knot and up to four devices, as described below.

  • Wear the CUB SCOUT device for the first level emblem (God & Me, Maccabee, etc.) earned as a Tiger Cub or Cub Scout;
  • Wear the WEBELOS SCOUT device for the second level emblem (God & Family, Parvuli Dei, Aleph, etc.) earned as a Cub Scout or Webelos Scout;
  • Wear the BOY SCOUT device for the first level emblem (God & Church, Ad Altare Dei, Ner Tamid, etc.) earned as a Boy Scout;
  • Wear the VENTURING device for the second level emblem (God & Life, Pope Pius XII, Etz Chaim, etc.) earned as an older Boy Scout, Varsity Scout, Sea Scout, or Venturer.

Note that Webelos Scout and Venturing devices are used to designate the second level emblems described above, EVEN IF the boy isn’t a Webelos Scout and/or Venturer when the member earns the appropriate religious emblem.

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